Friday, February 27, 2009

Check out this website!

Hi everyone,

Just finished helping with youth at a diversity camp in Butha-Buthe and at an HIV/Aids district wide day at Ha Ramabata in the Maseru district. I will tell you more in a week or two when I post some pics to go along with the stories. Right now, when you have time, I'd love you to check out this web site. It follows individuals in Lesotho who have been affected by HIV/Aids. Its worth the time.
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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ha Nkalimeng

Hi everyone,
Ive been at my new site in Ha Nkalimeng for almost 3 weeks. Its great. My new house is really nice... thatched roof and walls made of stone held together by mud dung. The thatched roof makes it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. The family I live with rocks!!! The women in charge (so to speak) is 'M'e Mone. She is a standard 7 teacher (grade 7) and a wonderful women. She is the cousin of the chief and his last name is Nkalimeng. So now, that is my last name. Mpho Nkalimeng. I think that was my parents second choice after "Merrill." Before I forget, the pit latrine is the cadillac of pit latrines... it actually has a porcelin seat... no rats. I can't adequately express the joy it is to not have to be able to actually take your time in the pit latrine:)

Its about a 5km walk to my work site. Two of my peer promoters who live in TY (about 14 km) stop often at my house to "collect me" and we get to spend the time getting to talk and know each other. You should never have favorites amongst the youth, but.... The last few weeks we have been walking to more isolated villages to recruit other peer educators, talk to chiefs, villagers etc... Some days I have been walking with these youth in the middle of nowhere for up to 6 hours. A slow day is only a 3 hours walk. We get to meet and educate a lot of people who are not as easily accesible by transport. Its been great.

I have posted some pictures... as you can see from the post right before this. I think I did it right, but you'll have to let me know if you can easily get to the photo bucket page.

I had a couple of awesome Christmas packages from home! Thanks so much. The wish list has been updated. You guys are great. I hope the new Year has started off well. Miss you guys!
Salang Hantle!